1. Coaching/Counselling

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    Sally brings a rich medley of  methods and practices that she skilfully weaves into a process that meets participants where they are and invites them to extend and grow.  

  2. Leadership Circle

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    If you’re serious about developing your leadership capacity, this tool is by far the deepest and best I’ve found.  Sally Kleyn

  3. Kimerie

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    The simple exercises you gave us have helped me tap into greater strength, authority, integrity and clarity in my role and how to do it. I have been practising the simple movements each morning and feeling the simple changes in my body help me live and work in this new way. Thank you.

  4. Senior team off-sites

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    Sally Kleyn has been valuable to us in facilitating senior team events and off-sites for our clients.  The lasting success of these events comes from her diligent work with the key individuals before the facilitation, during and afterwards creates the belief in real post-event actions. (Simon Kennedy, Managing Director, MaST International)

  5. Productive Conversations skills creates surprising results

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    Since attending Sally Kleyn’s course, I have had excellent conversations with two colleagues with whom I had given up on ever being able to effectively communicate with. (Director, financial services)

  6. Team Success Model

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    The Team Success Model provides a tangible way to engage the team, to get agreement on our plans for the future (Library director)

  7. Feedback on style

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    For the first time, I got high-quality, honest feedback about my style when leading client workshops.  I realised that I had developed bad habits over the years, like talking too much and not engaging my audience.  No one had every told me.  It was tough to hear. (Engagement partner, financial services)

  8. Values based leadership

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    I now feel incredibly well connected with my values and my authentic leadership.   I can communicate this to the team with openness and sincerity, because I believe in it 100%. (Division leader, housing association)

  9. Professional coaching

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    I found Sally Kleyn to be a coach whose quality of attention enticed me to explore my purposes and practice, and go places I hadn’t anticipated but found extremely rewarding. She has that rare skill of being able to challenge without you ever feeling judged. (Danny Chesterman, Change Consultant and Executive Coach)

  10. Lasting behavioural change

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    Over many years of working with our clients, Sally Kleyn has unfailingly exceeded their expectations and produced lasting behavioural change with both teams and individuals. ( Managing Director, Training & Development Company)